Students at SHS will be engaged and challenged by mathematics courses that develop the skills needed in the future. Courses are infused with inquiry, promoting problem solving skills, cooperation and teamwork and preparing students for the ever-changing demands of future education and employment. All courses are in alignment with the Massachusetts State Frameworks and the Common Core.

The Sandwich High School mathematics classes heavily rely on the use of graphing calculators. As your teachers have instructed, each student will be expected to bring a TI-83 or a TI-84 calculator to your SHS mathematics class every day. Additionally, graphing calculators are the only electronic device with a graphing function that is allowed on standardized tests. You are encouraged to monitor prices online and in stores for sales in the summer months. See you in September!

College Preparatory

Courses are designed to meet the needs of every learner, utilizing authentic, inquiry based instruction and real world problem solving. The sequence consists of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre Calculus and Calculus.


Students should possess a high level of achievement and interest in the field of mathematics to enroll in an honors level class, as the pacing, depth and breadth of each class is rigorous. The sequence consists of Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra II /Trigonometry Honors, Pre Calculus Honors to Calculus Honors or Advanced Placement Calculus either junior or senior year. Students in the College Prep sequence may move into the honors sequence.

Advanced Placement

Sandwich High School offers the following AP courses:

Advanced Placement Calculus

Advanced Placement Statistics

Placement Guidelines

Guidelines for student success indicate that a student should have a B in an honors class to remain in the sequence and an A- in a College Prep course to move to honors with the exception of grade 8 to 9. The following guidelines may inform student placement in grade 9 mathematics courses:

  • Assessment tool
  • Midyear grades
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Grade trend to the end of the year
  • Personal conference with student and parent

Graduation Requirements /Assessment:

All students are required to complete and to pass a minimum of four credits of mathematics in order to graduate. Additionally, all students must be enrolled in a math class during their senior year. Students will be required to pass the MCAS test for graduation. All courses in the math department incorporate methods for alternative assessment such as writing portfolios, projects and assignments evaluated using rubrics, notebook checks as well as traditional methods such as quizzes, tests and departmental exams.

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