Reporting Incidents

In an effort to ensure that our schools are an inclusive and welcoming place for all students and families, we want to make sure everyone has someone they can turn to when they feel a student’s right to an education is being jeopardized, especially incidents that directly impact students’ protected identities (race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, age, or handicap/disability). Concerned students and families can use the following options for reporting such incidents:

[Image of Reporting Options]


NOTE: You can make this report completely anonymous by not telling us your name (we won't know who you are). However, it may impede the investigation in the event that we have clarifying questions about your report. If you choose to tell us who you are, we can maintain your anonymity in most cases.


Civil Rights

In keeping with federal and state laws, as well as local policies, Sandwich Public Schools works diligently to maintain the civil rights of all students and staff.

What is an incident of discrimination or bias?


Differential treatment and/or disadvantage based wholly or in part on a community member's protected class (race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, age, or handicap/disability) may be classified as bias and/or discrimination according to federal statutes. In some cases, these incidents may overlap with state bullying legislation and/or may involve law enforcement if the incident is deemed to be potentially criminal. When school staff are aware of incidents of possible discrimination or bias, school administrators are committed to fully investigating the nature of the activity, the harm caused to our community, and what steps must be taken to repair that harm and reduce the likelihood of similar incidents reoccurring.

Civil Rights Contact Officers


As noted above, each building has a designated Civil Rights Contact Officer, which is the principal in each building. Specific names and contact information is as follows:


Forestdale Elementary School
Christopher Dintino,  [email protected], 508-477-6600


Oak Ridge School
Trish Hill, [email protected], 508-833-0111


Sandwich Middle High School
Jeanne Nelson,  [email protected], 508-888-4900

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